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                                                                                              December 2019

Happy holidays from SiteSeer!


Happy Holidays from SiteSeer! 

Goodbye, 2019; hello, 2020!

What a year it has been. We are grateful for each and every one of our clients and excited about working with even more great companies in 2020. We're always so appreciative, but it especially comes into focus during this season.

From our entire team, THANK YOU for trusting SiteSeer!

As you grow your businesses in the year to come and beyond, please let us know if there is anything we can do to to assist.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

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Thanks and happy holidays!
Retail match for brokers, developers and others

Meet SiteSeer's Retail Match 

If you are a broker or developer trying to fill a vacant space, maybe you've run a Void Analysis Pro report to identify the types of chains that choose locations similar to your site.

Retail Match takes your Void Analysis a step further by identifying individual retail locations that match your site.

Learn all about how Retail Match works on our blog, Matching Sites to Retailers: Meet SiteSeer’s Retail Match, where we talk about the kind of analysis that you as developers and brokers should be doing to provide the best research to your prospective tenants.

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POI data in SiteSeer

SiteSeer Points of Interest Data Enhanced 

The POI (Points of Interest) database in SiteSeer is a free data layer available to all SiteSeer users!

It includes dozens of categories including airports, bus/train stations, government buildings, schools and universities, places of worship, parking garages and more. Great news! We just added two new items to our POI offering: healthcare provider data (see the press release in this newsletter) and shopping center data. 

The shopping center data layer includes major malls and select/larger shopping centers. Like all of the POI data, it's free! This is crowd-sourced data, and is thus not as comprehensive as the third-party shopping center databases we resell, but is available to those wanting a no-cost, no-frills solution.

For those looking for comprehensive data, we partner with several other excellent providers.

Want to learn more about our POI data layer? Contact us! 

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Hex overlay in SiteSeer

Introducing Hexagon Geography for Theme Builder

Want to make your hot spot maps or demographic themes a lot more detailed? We have a solution: Hexagon layer in theme builder!

Here's the problem with Census blockgroups and traffic count polygons: they range from very small (dense urban areas) to very large (rural areas). These very large areas often don't provide the level of detail needed to differentiate one area from another. This is noticeable in high-growth areas on the edge of cities - places that were rural at the time of the Census but are now suburban neighborhoods.

Hexagons are small and uniform in size. There are seven times as many hexagons in the U.S. compared to blockgroups, providing a high level of detail for maps and themes! And for summarizing data like population or customer counts, hexagons are comparable from area to area. Questions about the hexagon overlay? Contact us! 

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What to know about data providers


Five Things You Need to Know About Data Providers

You've probably seen the emails. Some data providers are promising better site selection and incredibly high sales forecasting accuracy. 

But are such claims true? This month, we're breaking down the realities of data and whether some of the common claims you hear are actually true...or need a little interpretation. If you buy or use any type of third-party data, you'll want to take a look!

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Free healthcare data in SiteSeer


SiteSeer to Offer Free Healthcare Data

We're always looking for ways we can offer more to our clients. That's why we recently added two new healthcare layers to SiteSeer Professional. Whether you work in healthcare or your tenants include healthcare providers, you'll want to check this out. 

These data layers are available to all SiteSeer users upon request, free of charge. Read our press release and contact us to learn more!

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