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Did Your Business Thrive During the Pandemic? What to Do Now! 

It's been a year of ups and downs and a tale of adapting and surviving for many businesses. But...not for everyone. Some businesses, in fact --we're looking at you, grocery stores--had their best years in 2020, and are now wondering how to plan for the future. Over on the blog, we're offering up some questions that your business leaders can ponder as you navigate the future, both from a planning and strategy perspective and a "what we learned" perspective. Check it out. 

Read our blog on navigating decreased demand post-pandemic

Inside SiteSeer's New Data Query Tool

If you've ever wished you could extract data from SiteSeer and analyze it in Excel or your own company database, we have great news: now you can. Our new Data Query Tool is a great way to perform analysis with the power and flexibility of a report. You can create ad-hoc query reports and pick any map layers you wish to analyze. There are prompts to help you do it so it's easy and intuitive, yet power users will appreciate the ability to use this data however they need to. 

Read more on our blog! 

Read the data query tool blog

SiteSeer User News: Location Profiles Have Been Updated

If you've used location profiles before (templates within SiteSeer's Model Builder tool), you know how much easier they make the task of building models. SiteSeer has hundreds of business profiles, and you can choose one that closely represented the metrics of your business to clone as a model starting point. We're now updating location profiles for new models (your previously built models won't change) using the same algorithm driving Void Analysis Pro's match score to ensure that the metrics in your model are appropriate for the business you are analyzing.  

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Data Partner Spotlight: Directory of Major Malls

If you're a retailer or other chain that often locates near major shopping centers/malls, our latest data partner spotlight will interest you! Meet Directory of Major Malls /, which includes data for 8,528 major open-air shopping centers, lifestyle/specialty, entertainment mixed-use, value retail and enclosed malls in the U.S. and Canada. Check out our conversation with DMM's CEO to learn more about the data, her insight on the future of malls, and more! 

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Q&A with SiteSeer's Tom Kessler

SiteSeer's Chief Information Officer, Tom, is the financial modeling guy and the person on the SiteSeer team who turns ideas into action--both SiteSeer ideas and those of the clients. Get to know Tom and learn all about his background in software development (and another unexpected discipline!), his involvement in bringing SiteSeer into existence, his role as the leader of SiteSeer's professional services team, and more. 

Get to know Tom 

Did You Know That You Can Search SiteSeer Help Videos?

SiteSeer has a robust library of help videos on Vimeo, which are a great resource for SiteSeer users who want to learn both basic functions and advanced features of our site selection platform. But did you know that you can now search SiteSeer help videos by key term? So, if you want more information about "layer control," search that term and any video that mentions it will appear in your search results (and take you right to the point in the video you need to view).

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